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Your skin is an ecosystem and in the same way that your gut needs symbiotic microbes to function optimally, your skin needs microbes to maintain peak health.BIOME+ technology is the result of more than 5 years of work on the relationship between skin and the microbes living in and on it.Microbes are an integral part of us … without them we die. We’re almost microbe-free in the womb but, from birth, each of us is an ecosystem that includes more microbes than human cells. We can’t digest our food without microbes, we can’t make essential vitamins without them and, like it or not, microbes are largely responsible for the health of your skin.Germ theory taught us to be terrified of microbes but the war on “ germs” has had nasty consequences. In stark contrast to the “kill them all” approach, Esse works with your symbiotic microbes, instead of against them.The BIOME+ logo shows that a product includes prebiotics (an available food source to favour beneficial microbes) along with probiotic extracts or live probiotic microbes. This is in a certified organic format with mild preservatives, optimal pH and no chemicals – chemicals will pollute your skin microbiome.

Restoring and maintaining this optimal balance of microbes works to improve the skin’s barrier function and to slow the ageing process.

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