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Ethical gifting this Christmas to bring skin back to life.

After all is said and done, this past year has at least got many of us thinking about what really matters. One point that has been rammed home is how disconnected we all are from the natural world around us.

From the way we connect with people, to the way we treat our planet; it is pretty clear our priorities need calibrating. Our connection with nature is what makes us strong, not our ability to sterilize against it. It’s time to embrace the fact that the billions of microbes (bacteria, yeasts, viruses and archaea) around us are what we’ve formed strong and lasting bonds with over the generations we’ve inhabited the Earth – they make up our microbiome. They are also what protect us from rogue viruses. Already, we have lost some of those partnerships, and now it’s time to get them back – it’s time to REWILD.

Esse can’t fix all your rewilding needs – a lot of that is up to you – but we can offer a viable and effective way to rewild your skin microbiome; a way to get microbial partners back, and to strengthen your skin’s natural defences and bring it back to life.

We’ve put together a Christmas offer that includes all you need to start your rewilding journey. Packed in an innovative sugarcane bagasse preformed box which is rapidly and completely biodegradable, each offer includes a cleanser, moisturiser and serum, so whether you are treating yourself or someone else, each selection is perfect for a complete microbiome skincare routine.


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