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Creatrix Transformology Coaching

  • 45 minuten
  • online zoom call

Beschrijving van de dienst

This is a free discovery call to breakthrough the baggage that hold you back from living your best life. Are You: a Women who has experienced turmoil in your relationships with others and yourself through moderately, sometimes extremely dysfunctional or toxic family systems? A Women who have experienced the painful trauma of the emptiness of your childhood and relationships throughout your life and want to be free from this bondage?  Are you a woman who have survived life well but now want to learn how to fully live life and experience a new freedom from your emotional blocks and limiting believes? As an example, I suffered from this stifling fear of not being good enough, among many other fears, which got in the way of living my life fully. Once I experienced Creatrix, it felt like this limiting belief was removed at such a deep level that I couldn't even access it anymore. It was replaced with my inner wisdom and incredible life lessons. Our unconscious mind actually knows what we need and this process invites it in. I realised what a saboteur my conscious mind can be! I no longer fear I'm not good enough and feel like the chains have been released. Creatrix actually addresses the limiting beliefs that as women we may have acquired over many generations, from our ancestors, society and family conditioning at an unconscious level and then replaces them with resourceful, empowering and positive thoughts that our brain will imprint for future purposes. This way when charged situations happen again, you won't ever feel the same charge again and can deal with them in more constructive ways. No other form therapy or process is this complete and holistic working on DNA level with epigenetics designed for women!


Bij een vergeten afspraak zijn wij genoodzaakt 50% van de behandeling in rekening te brengen.


+ 0621825980

Via Culina 3, Houten, Utrecht, Netherlands

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